Voat Kids Course Guidance

« Lesson system »

«Lesson system»

●complete one‐on‐one lessons

●30 minutes per session

・Lesson is 30 minutes in relation to the child's attention span.

・If you wish, you will be able to fit in 60 minutes a batch for two 30-minute lessons.

●Number of lessons/Monthly tuition fee

Lessons twice a month  :¥11,000
Lessons 4 times a month:¥20,000

※8% of consumption taxes depend on a rate separately.

  • «Lesson system»
  • «Lesson system»

●Qualifying age:from 4-years old to sixth grader

☆Change of course in the middle of lessons

You can change the lessons from lessons 4 times a month to twice a month.
You can change the lessons from lessons twice a month to 4 times a month.

☆Lesson carryover system

・You can be carried forward to the following month if lessons could not be attended.

・Lessons carried over are valid up to 6 months.