“I want to cultivate the mind through music rich sensitivity.”
“I like music and singing! I want to make my debut in the future! ”
Experienced instructors will teach fun to match the level and purpose of each.

VOAT KIDS lesson

The Orff method(Using Orff instruments etc)

This is basic music education that was proposed by the German composer Carl Orff, such as song and dance and language which are integrated.
Through these activities,sense of rhythm and pitch will grow.


Cultivating a sense of sound by reading and writing of musical notes to understand Sight Reading, melody, harmony, and rhythm.

The Kodaly Method(Using the materials for English)

By performing the nursery rhymes, it makes children learn the rhythm.

Dalcroze rhythmic(For infant)

By reacting and moving one's body to the music, children can express music more deeply.
It makes hearing sharper for the music and it stimulates the organs in the body movement.

Game of "Music mind"

By playing the cards and handmade,children can enjoy learning the theory of music effortlessly like a game.

Chants of English(Jazz chants)

This is a method of teaching that aims to grow the power of listening and speaking by combining jazz and spoken language.
Chants are designed to be able to practice expressions that are used in everyday lifes when children are in lively situations.

VOAT KIDS lesson

Mother Goose

Generic name of a famous nursery rhyme lore in "Lullaby" or "children's song" and "fairy tale" in the English-speaking culture.