Privacy policy

We recognize the importance of the personal information provided by everyone,
We are in compliance with laws and regulations,aimed toward safety management,and use of appropriate personal information,
The Company is committed to the following items in order to achieve this.

Ⅰ.Prescribe regulations for the protection of information, we are thoroughly well known to employees, including officers of the Company.
In addition, we request that you comply with the laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information about individuals, such as business partners. We will discuss the guidance and supervision as needed.

Ⅱ.We have people responsible for personal information management, the effective recognition of the safety management system for the handling of personal information.

Ⅲ.When personal information is collected with the purpose to inform the collection and usage in advance. We will use reasonable methods in its scope.

Ⅳ.The personal information you provide to us, will not be provided to a third party unless there is a valid reason, such as the case of the law.

Ⅴ.To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, etc. of personal information, we will take the necessary measures to both.

Ⅵ.If the person requests who provided us with personal data that we have,it is for disclosure, correction, deletion,suspension of use, We will respond promptly in accordance with the law.

Ⅶ.Performance is well-known to employees so that their effectiveness will continue to be, for the operational manual and regulations concerning safety management of personal information that we have developed. We're committed to maintaining the safety management system.
To the other measures reviewed appropriately. As for the handling of personal information set forth in paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law 50th, The purposes of reporting or writing are not subject to this policy.